Friday, 29 November 2013


For some time now I've been admiring the mannequins and bodyforms that Carol at Polka Dot Closet has been creating.

Angela has given me a bodyform, which I'm in the process of altering.  It was a grey, plastic shape and I wanted to change it to something a bit more feminine.

I gave the bodyform a quick coat of Annie Sloan chalk paint - I found a white lace tablecloth, which I've soaked in strong tea, rinsed and dried.  Using my hotglue gun I've glued a section onto the bodyform.  

I had some pink ribboning which I've added on to create a flower. 

Here is a photo of the project at present.

I've got an idea to add an old plant pot onto the base to create a bit of height and I've taken part of an old dress to create a little skirt, which I will add on to the base.
Will post some more photos soon.

Monday, 25 November 2013

Festival of Thrift 2014

Pleased to read that there is going to be another Festival of Thrift  in 2014. 

Angela and I had an amazing day and the atmosphere was brilliant.  It emerged that over 25,000 visited the Festival over two days.  I really don't think the organisers were sure if it was going to be a success - but it was.

Angela listening to a record being played for her by Charity Shop DJ (you had to wear the pink hat when you had a dedication played for you).

Cannot wait for next year's Festival!!!