Sunday, 18 August 2013

I do like to be beside the seaside!

We had a lovely day out at the Seaside. 

When we reached out destination we thought it was time for a nice cup of tea and a scone.  Found a lovely little cafĂ© perched on the cliff top.  After a leisurely pot of tea and a scone we made our way down to the beach where we spent a couple of hours enjoying the sun and exploring the beach.

The tide was on its way out when we arrived at the beach, didn't stop up getting our feet wet a few times.  We were like giggly schoolgirls trying to get out of the way of the waves.

This was the scene looking towards the sea an hour or two later.  Some wonderful rock pools.

Saw some lovely shells and even found a couple of these!

Did a little bit of research (internet is a wonderful thing, isn't it!) and found out Lily Brickworks were based in Blaydon Burn and manufactured bricks from 1877 until 1957 - so this brick is older than me. 

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Vintage Books

Recently saw a good way of using an old book.  The book had folded pages to make a card file.  Cannot remember where this was seen (when we do we will credit it here!)

Started with an old copy of a Jane Austen book and folded each of the pages in half.  Have a number of old postcards which were just tucked away, placed a few of these into the pages of the book.

Not a great first attempt, but you get the idea.  Um, Toby the cat thought it was him having his photo taken, you can just see a bit of him on the right hand side of photo.  Didn't matter how many times we tried to take the photo, he wasn't going to be left out!